Teacup Doodles – My New Business Venture

I’ve been so busy since the New Year working away behind the scenes to get my new little business off the ground and I’m thrilled to announce that Teacup Doodles is now up and running!

A Teacup Doodle is an affordable, bespoke piece of artwork celebrating life, love and family.  They are lovingly created by me; hand drawn, digitally enhanced and then coloured in water colour pencil.

I believe that artwork should make your house feel like a home but most importantly, make you smile and Teacup Doodles aim to do just that.

I have been working hard day and night to create and photograph, lots of product examples which you can find on my Teacup Doodles website.

You can commission a family portrait of your little family and you can even add pets and props.

You can order a doodle to brighten up your children’s bedroom specifically themed around their hobby or their favourite characters.

They make wonderful personalised gifts for special occasions such as weddings and new arrivals.

And of course with Mother’s Day around the corner, they make fab gifts for you lovely mums.

You can choose to order just a print or a framed doodle print as a complete gift.  I offer some lovely gift wrap options to make your doodle extra special if sending as a gift.

And as a Teacup Doodle is completely bespoke, I can create a doodle for any occasion, so whatever your requirements…..anything is possible!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyment I get from creating them.  I’ve always loved drawing, writing and making things but somewhere along the way I stopped doing all those things.  Life can get in the way and the sad thing is that we often let it.

Starting my blog in 2015 was the start of re-introducing creativity back into my life as well as being like an on-line journal where I could express myself and share life’s ups and downs…and there’s certainly been a lot of those over the last few years.

Teacup Doodles is taking me one step further to achieving my little dream of making money doing the two things I love most in life; being creative and making people smile.

It feels good to be focusing on my dreams and turning them into a reality and at the same time, helping you celebrate your lives, your loves and your families.

Teacup Doodles are available to buy at my  teacupdoodleprints Etsy shop and you can read more information on how to order on my website.

I’m thinking of setting up a ‘bloggers gallery’ of all the bloggers and their families once I get going.

So if you’d like to see your ‘doodle-selves’ then get in touch to place an order.

To discuss bespoke commissions please e-mail toria@teacupdoodles.co.uk 

Keep Smiling!

Love Toria




  1. 7th February 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Huge congratulations Tor! I’ve been wondering what your new business venture was and now I know. They look gorgeous! Xx

  2. 7th February 2017 / 9:46 pm

    Tor, these are brilliant and so you. We can all talk about the trials and tribulations of relationships, parenting, single parenting and the like, but the doodles have always been the really quirky USP of your blog. It is a fantastic idea to create a business out of it. Well done! I wish you every success (and can think of a few present dilemmas that teacup doodles will solve). Good luck! Pen. Xx

    • 13th February 2017 / 12:56 pm

      AW thank you so much Pen. You’ve always been so supportive. xx

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