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When Friday arrives do you ever feel like a tightly wound spring ready to violently ping off into the air and plummet into the nearest glass of Shiraz?

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind in our house.  Birthday preparations and celebrations filled every spare nano second.  There was frantic last-minute present wrapping, party bag assembly and a fraught missed school run collection.  All on top of the normal routine of dashed school runs, work, rugby training in the rain, blogging, tweeting, cooking, cleaning (ok so there was no cleaning).

It was no wonder that when Friday appeared, my body was literally screaming for rest and relaxation.

So I was actually rather relieved that Seb was going off to his dads for the whole weekend so I could enjoy some guilt free time to myself.  I knew he’d have a ball and would get even more fuss and birthday surprises from his dad’s family (well there has to be some perks of having divorced parents).

So on Friday I started the day with yoga and a hot bath to tell my body it was time to start that thing called relaxing.  Sometimes it really doesn’t listen to me and says “what the hell is relaxing?” but throughout the day I could slowly feel myself starting to unwind in anticipation of the weekend.

It all kicked off with date night on Friday.  The last couple of weeks have been hectic and my motherly duties have very much taken a front seat to everything else.  Dan and I haven’t had much time together and we were both in need of a little re-connecting.

As we don’t currently live together, date night always feels pretty exciting (I wonder how much that will change when we do live together).  So I giddily headed up to his after work for an evening of good food, red wine and chatting in front of the fire.  It was heaven.  All the tensions of the week began to slip away.

And the fun didn’t stop there.  On Saturday evening we were heading out for a 40th birthday party and an overnight stay in Chester.  So I got to put my glad rags on and high heels which is pretty rare these days.  The evening started on a frivolous high with shots and mojitos  (yes I know I’m old enough to know better) and ended with dancing until the wee hours with friends who certainly know how to fill a dance floor.

These are not just old friends either, they are special friends.  Friends who have shared care-free weekends together in their twenties being reckless and irresponsible. Friends that address each other using nicknames and share a multitude of in-jokes and witty banter which delightfully speckle every gathering.

As if that wasn’t all fantastic enough, we stayed overnight with my oldest friend and her husband who make the best scrambled eggs, bacon and croissants in the world.  They are the host and hostess with the mostess and we always feel truly spoilt when we stay there.

On the way home we called in to see my amazing 92-year-old grandma which made the weekend even more glorious.  She lights up everyone’s day by simply being one of the most interesting and charming women I know.

To top it off, on the way home I found out via text that Seb scored two tries during his rugby match and they had won their game 4-3.  I was gutted to have missed it but thrilled to hear the news and super proud.  When I picked him up this evening he was brimming with contentment from a brilliant weekend with his dad, step mum, sister and brother.

Having time apart means Seb and I appreciate each other when we come together again so we’ve enjoyed some re-connection time ourselves this evening.  We’ve chatted, laughed, cuddled, finished homework, practised spellings and read another chapter from our current ‘Famous Five’ book.

I’ve just tucked him up in bed and kissed him good night.  Now I am sat here reflecting on what a memorable weekend it’s been and how bloody lucky I am. Ok, so there hasn’t actually been much rest (which I could probably do with) but there’s been a smidge of relaxation and fun by the bucket load.

It’s been a weekend for love, friendship, family and dancing…..and I really couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.


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