Family Holidays With Tots To Travel (Collaborative Post)

Spring is well and truly here.  The weather is warmer and so my thoughts have automatically turned to holidays and the promise of sunshine and relaxation.

Everybody loves going on holiday but many parents will agree that taking children on holiday sometimes doesn’t feel like much of a holiday at all.

Gone are the days when I’d fill my case with twenty little going out dresses and shoes to match, knowing I’d be out every night sipping sangria and cocktails as the sun went down.

A parent’s suitcase looks very different indeed. 

It’s normally bursting with all manner of paraphernalia required for taking our precious little people away from home for a week or two.

There are normal nappies to squeeze in, plus of course swimming nappies.  There may be feeding equipment and the entire medicine cabinet because you never know with kids!

You certainly won’t want to leave without a few toys for keeping them entertained and don’t even dream about forgetting their favourite teddy or ipad full of downloads of their favourite CBeebies programme…..the list goes on and on.

Personally, I think parents should get extra baggage allowance!

Of course the reason we need to pack so much ‘stuff’ when taking kids away is because we are always worrying about our little ones. 

We worry about whether they will be too cold or too hot.  We worry if they’ll eat enough food or whether they’ll get ill.  We worry about their health and their safety….non stop.

That’s why it was so refreshing to hear about a travel company that aims to take away some of that worry.

Tots To Travel is a travel company created by parents for parents, offering safe, family friendly holidays.

They personally visit every single holiday property and carry out safety checks based on a system developed with The Child Accident Prevention Trust.

They insist on physical barriers for every pool, they measure banisters, balcony railings and window heights. Their villas also come with stair gates and cupboard locks and ensure that chemicals and sharp knives are locked away.

Not only are Tots To Travel committed to providing safe holiday homes, they are also committed to taking away as much of the hassle and stress of making sure you have everything you need…without having to bring it all from home.

Remember that over filled suitcase we mentioned….?

All Tots To Travel holiday homes come with an Essential Baby & Toddler Guarantee which means that each villa comes with a kit of essentials such as; cots, baby monitor, high chair, steriliser, changing mat, potty, bath toys, night lights, microwaves…the list goes on.

If you need it, they have thought of it.

Once you know that someone else is taking care of the boring essentials, it leaves you to focus on the exciting part…where to go and what to do when you get there.

Tots To Travel have villas in all the top destinations such as Spain, France, Italy, Mallorca, Cyprus, Portugal, The Canaries, The Balearics as well as UK holidays locations.

I’ve personally been eyeing up their holidays in France.  I love the idea of hiring a French cottage for a couple of weeks. 

I’d wander down to the local bakery in the morning for croissants and baguettes.  I’d happily munch on local cheese and wine all week and treat myself to pastries (well it is a holiday).

We’d hire bikes, make a picnic and go exploring through the pristine countryside.  We’d return to our villa to swim and relax by the pool (whilst I looked forward to opening the cool, French wine chilling in the fridge.)

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

Travel is top of the list in my priorities for the foreseeable future.  My son is now much older and I admit that travel has become a lot easier but…..I still remember the holidays I spent struggling to cope in unsuitable Spanish Villas.

It’s easy to become a little fearful of travel or reluctant to go abroad when you have small children but it’s such a shame if we let having children prevent or inhibit our travel dreams.

I’m glad that the travel industry is finally listening to parents, helping to make holidays less stressful, less worrying and more relaxing…..which is exactly what a holiday should be.



Love Toria



(Disclosure – This is a collaborative post)

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