She dreamed impossible dreams & created her own little fairy tale……

I’ve been trying to write this post for a few weeks now but life has been so busy lately, I keep getting side tracked. 

We’ve been in our new house for nearly two months and most of my time and energy has been spent either working on the house in some way myself or project managing contractors.    

After spending most of that time without a bathroom, I am pleased to report we now have hot running water upstairs.  It’s not quite finished yet but it’s getting there.  At least we can now have a shower at home! 

Seb’s bedroom is also finished and we have both moved in there while my room is renovated.  I’ll be sharing photographs of our house as soon as we get the top floor done and all the furniture in (because it will hopefully look nice and pretty by then!)

It’s obviously been hard work and very tiring.  My already busy schedule, became even busier overnight. There have been visits to DIY shops on the way to work and bathroom show rooms on my lunch breaks. 

I’ve been pulling down fences and digging up the garden.  I’ve been steaming wall paper off walls and booking kitchen consultations.

Of course, I’ve also had my day job to go to every day, my mothering duties to fit in, along with my beloved gym sessions. 

Then…..there’s my new business venture Teacup Doodles which has been keeping me busy too.  When I’m not busy on the house, I’ve been corresponding with lovely clients creating family artwork…and I love every single minute of it.

It’s not surprising then, that I’ve not managed to find a spare hour to write a blog post!  However, despite the crazy, busy schedule…I can honestly say that I am happier than ever.

Because I’m working on ‘me’ for ‘me’.

I’m not wishing for the life I want, I’m working my arse off to create it.

I feel like I’m back on the path I was supposed to be on before life events knocked me off course. Because when difficulties and sadness affect our lives, it’s all too easy to become deflated and disappointed.

Maybe we keep going over the past in our heads, refusing to let ourselves move on?  Maybe we refuse to forgive ourselves for mistakes we’ve made? Or we take on the role of a victim and start to enjoy it a little too much? Or maybe we make the same bloody mistake again (ahem!)?

Whatever happens and whatever way we handle it, we often forget that we have the power to get back on the right path.

All the difficulties we endure and all the mistakes we make, are there for a reason.  They are lessons that need to be learned and each lesson takes you one step closer to the life you are supposed to be living.

It’s up to you and you alone to move forward.

Working on my own house and my own business, truly feels as though I am finally back on ‘my’ right path.

When I was younger and fresh out of university, it felt like I had the world at my feet.  I wanted a career but also the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. 

I don’t actually remember saying “One day I want to get married and life happily ever after”?

Of course I wanted motherhood.

That was something I knew I always wanted but…maybe the traditional version of life just isn’t the right path for me or maybe there are other things that I was supposed to do before I reached that point?  Of course maybe I just chose the wrong guys!

Either way, I’m still working on my ‘happily ever after’.

I feel as though I’m back on track with my new business venture because I’m starting to make money being creative and doing something I love, which has always been a dream of mine.  

I am seriously over the moon that it’s going well and I have ideas of how to take the business forward in the future (when I have some time!)

I also know for sure, that the desire to travel and experience new cultures certainly hasn’t gone away.  In fact, it is reaching the point where I just can’t ignore it any longer. 

It’s the big, fat, empty, un-ticked box in my ‘hopes and dreams’ journal. 

Every time I hear of someone visiting a country I want to go to, I am full of wistfulness, like a physical ache or an itch that I just really need to scratch.

It’s time I stopped wishing and started doing.  As the creator of this new life of mine, surely it’s up to me and me alone, to make it happen?

I’ve always blamed my ‘single mum’ status and lack of cash for inhibiting holidays and travel.  It’s a good excuse but it’s still an excuse at the end of the day and I need to find a way around it.

My idea is to use the money I make from my doodle business as a travel fund; essentially using the success of realising one dream to fuel another!

I’m going to start by making a list of the places Seb and I want to visit.  Every trip will have to be on a very tight budget but hopefully with some serious saving, I should be able to start turning that dream into a reality.

In fact, I’ve found a fab canvas map to keep me motivated.  It has push in pins so I can mark off all the places that we visit… it will look great in the new house!

Watch this space!

Love Toria





  1. 26th April 2017 / 10:03 pm

    Yay, this was a lovely post to read Tor. After all you’ve been through trying to make things work but knowing deep down that things were a little bit wrong, you really deserve for things to go your way for a while. It sounds like you’ve really got your mojo back and it is lovely to hear about it. Loads of love Pen x

    • 27th April 2017 / 11:21 am

      Thank you darling. Life is certainly falling into place and I couldn’t be happier or more on the right path. My house and business are making me very happy. Seb is also doing great 🙂 Hope you’re well, xxx

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