My Story


Once upon a time there was a little girl with BIG hopes and dreams,

She would sit for hours writing stories and drawing pictures.


She dreamed of a life full of love, happiness and adventure

and she hoped more than anything

that one day she would become a mother and have a family of her own.


When she grew up, her dreams began to come true.

She went to university and began an exciting career,

 she got married and had a beautiful son.

She lived a full and happy life


as we all know,

life has a funny way of not going to plan.


This is a blog about starting over.

It’s about trying again (and again)

and not giving up.


It’s about appreciating what you have

and not looking back at what you have lost.

(husbands, houses or your hair!)


And it’s definitely about never ever giving up on your hopes and dreams.


It’s about one (now much older) girl re-writing her happily ever after,

The way it was always meant to be.


Mother and son

More About The Author
Tor is a divorced, single mum and lives in Manchester with her 11 year old son Seb.  She works part time in the media industry but loves to write and draw in her spare time.  Tor is happiest when consuming afternoon tea from pretty tea cups (hence the name Teacup Toria) drinking prosecco, dancing and having fun.  Tor has recently realised one of her dreams by  launching a new doodle business venture called Teacup Doodles selling bespoke family artwork.  She has lost all of her hair to Alopecia so she wears fabulous wigs and a big smile to make up for it 🙂  She has just bought her own fairy tale castle (in the shape of a Victorian terraced) which she is renovating with love and filling with happiness.  
 …….and she lived happily ever after.

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